Law practice management software guide

As a lawyer, you may need to manage a large number of clients, each with a set of files and emails between parties.

With so many cases and data to manage, it becomes hard to keep track of who has received what piece of information, and whether you have protected the files appropriately preventing case information leaking into public. On top of this, you need to log your time spent and billing with your clients to ensure you’re getting paid for your work.

Poor case management can lead to delayed cases, security breaches and eventually loss of earnings.

That’s why we’ve introduced eDeJure, the secure legal practice management software for New Zealand and Australian law firms. This way, you can spend less time trying to figure out what you’ve done for a case, and more time on providing a great service to your clients.

With our case management systems, you can easily manage each case for your clients, collaborate with your legal team, create tasks for your team to work on, and manage billing on cases, all in one system.

There have already been many examples of law firms leaking information into public, among others Panama Papers. This would not only be devastating for your customers, but also for the reputation of your law firm. By using eDeJure you never have to worry about where it’s stored and who has access to share this information. Our platform is designed by lawyers for lawyers with security and privacy by design. This means that whenever you have to comply with certain local country regulations, like residency of data, we ensure with eDeJure that you meet those requirements. We are the only case management system that complies with New Zealand and Australian regulations.

If you like involving multiple parties on your case, but without jeopardising confidentiality of the sensitive case information eDeJure is your platform. Think of different lawyers each with their own expertise, but also the customer and other subject matter experts to the case or even law enforcement and courts. So, if a case needs active participation and input from your customer – you can simply grant your customer on eDeJure access to the case, create and assign task to him and efficiently monitor progress on the case. You can also grant restricted access to for example a forensic expert on DNA to add his report and additional evidence to the case. You can invite lawyers from other law firms that you are partnering with to join the case and provide you their advice on the specific issue. All of them will have only access to the specific case with limited permissions.

What about supporting you in managing and administrating your tasks related to a case? As a lawyer there are many tasks you have to manage, and one can easily slip your attention. EDeJure sends you reminders to help you to ensure that none of your cases get delayed or even stuck without any notice. Keeping track of your time and of other lawyers on each case is another feature of eDeJure to easen your life as a lawyer. eDeJure supports both, time&material and fixed price engagement with your customers. Whatever billing method you choose, it’s always a good idea to track the time of the legal team, so you can improve your fixed price estimation in the future.

So, if you want a simple yet effective way to manage your workload, then why not try our free plan today, that gives you and your team a way forward to better case management.