UK Compensation Claim Solicitors – Ankle Injury

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An ankle injury is a very common event with most people suffering damage to their ankle several times during their lives. These injuries happen to almost everyone at some point. They are frequently very disruptive to the everyday life of an individual and often take a long time to heal. Even a modest injury to the ankle, i.e. sprains and ligament damage can attract an award of up to £7,500 dependent on the severity. For more severe injuries which involve extensive treatment or a long period in plaster or where pins and plates have been inserted and there maybe be ankle instability awards in the region of up to £20,000 are not unusual.

The value of an ankle injury compensation claim depends mainly on the type of injury as some almost always recover with the minimum of problems whereas other locations can cause long term problems. Recovery does also depend on the individual, the previous history and that person’s age with the elderly being more vulnerable to long term or chronic conditions.

Whilst broken bones will often attract a higher award than most strain or sprain injuries, in the case of an ankle injury compensation claim there have been some very high awards due to ongoing instability of the joint in the absence of any fractures. Most injuries, that is over 85%, are inversion injuries in which the foot twists inwards damaging ligaments. X-rays are usually carried out to eradicate the rarer possibility of a fracture which is generally a much more serious event. Fractures are painful, heal slowly and often result in long term arthritis and chronic pain.

The treatment for a fracture is usually a plaster cast and rest whereas treatment for a strain or sprain involves rest, ice, compression and elevation. In both cases there may be substantial time off work thereby increasing the value of an ankle injury compensation claim beyond just the element for the pain and suffering of the injury.

Any one from the most sedentary person to a conditioned athlete can suffer from this extremely common injury especially as a result of a sudden unexpected loss of balance. Many injuries are caused to those who are obese or to those who wear high heels where balance can be a problem. Most injuries are caused by stretching or tearing of ligaments and tendons and take time to heal. About half of those people who suffer this injury are vulnerable and will suffer from the same condition at least one more time.