UK Work Accident Compensation Solicitors – Fisherman Seaman Gas-Oil Rig Worker

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The fact that an offshore worker carries out their duties outside United Kingdom territorial waters does not necessarily mean that an employer can avoid liability for negligence that causes personal injury. For any company registered in the UK or carrying out business in the UK then British laws prevail. If you have been injured working offshore as a merchant seaman, a fisherman or on an oil or gas rig, the British courts may well have jurisdiction enabling you to instruct UK work accident compensation solicitors to make a personal injury claim in the United Kingdom.


It is generally recognised that fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in Ireland which includes both inshore and deep-sea fishing which has a high mortality rate. Deep sea fishermen often suffer from serious sleep deprivation which may lead to accidents causing personal injury to themselves or to a co-worker. Many deep-sea fishing companies working out of Ireland are either registered in Ireland or have a base in Ireland and legal action can often be taken against them. Most inshore fishermen working out of UK are employed by UK firms based in the United Kingdom and UK work accident compensation solicitors issuing legal proceedings for personal injury caused by an employers negligence is not usually a problem.

Merchant Seaman

Whilst this occupation is a lot less dangerous than fishing there are nevertheless often life-threatening incidents which may cause serious personal injury. Many vessels that call into UK that have British crew members are registered under a flag of convenience elsewhere and it can be difficult taking proceedings for personal injury in UK. If you are a British merchant seaman and you have been injured, please contact UK work accident compensation solicitors too enable them to investigate the options for legal action to claim personal injury damages.

Oil & Gas Rig Operatives

Oil and gas rigs can provide a very harsh environment for certain classes of employees including divers, welders, roustabouts and roughnecks. Accidents causing personal injury are not uncommon. There are fatalities on a regular basis. The same territorial issues apply as above and the rig may be outside territorial waters, operated by a foreign company, in a British exploration area with British employees. There can be difficult issues related to liability for negligence on oil and gas rigs with the various factions involved in exploration and recovery blaming each other.