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Divorce Law and Attorneys in Spokane

Apart from being a cultural hub, Spokane has a huge number of law firms that maintain law and order within the city. However, the process of looking for legal help to file a divorce case may not be as easy as it seems. Various aspects help a person to find the best divorce lawyer Spokane. Since the law is a vast discourse, attorneys choose an area of practice in which they specialize upon. Usually, divorce lawyers focus only on family and divorce lawsuits. The divorce law varies from state to state in the USA. Hence, anyone living in Spokane should follow the divorce law of Washington State.

  •       Washington State Divorce Law: 
  1.  No-Fault-State: Washington State is a no-fault state, which means that the court is not responsible for determining which spouse is at fault. Hence, the court may grant a divorce case when any party declares that “the marriage is irretrievably broken”.
  2. Community Property State: As a community property state, Washington State considers properties acquired during the marriage as property of both spouses. Hence, during a divorce, the court divides all properties between the spouses. One should consider that this law does not apply to any inherited or gifted property.

                iii. Fair and Equitable State: Though the court divides the properties between the spouses during a divorce, the division is not fifty-fifty. Since Washington State is a fair and equitable state, the court makes sure that the spouses are treated based on the privileges they have and the circumstances they are living in.

  •       The Initial Steps of a Divorce Case:

A divorce case begins with a petition, which is a contract that includes information on the marriage or domestic partnership. It may include the name of the partners, their children, and details about the properties and custody. It is written and sent by one spouse to another. To send the petition, the spouse needs the supervision of a divorce attorney, who files the petition in a state court.

The next step is the service of process, which is the proper way of serving the petition to a spouse. Once the service of process is done, both the spouses may or may not agree to divorce. Here, the spouse who receives the petition plays the most important role in making decisions. If the person agrees, he or she needs to sign an acknowledgment. If the person disagrees, the other spouse has to continue the case with the help of a divorce attorney.

  • Reputed Divorce Law Firms in Spokane:
  1.       David J. Crouse & Associates PLLC: Since 1993, this family law firm has been providing divorce consultancy to a huge number of clients. The divorce lawyer Spokane provides consultancy to all sorts of divorce and marriage dissolution cases. Some of the practice areas of the lawyers at this firm include child custody, child support, paternity establishment, custodial parent-child relocation, and third-party custody. One can choose dedicated lawyers from this law firm for the enforcement of divorce court orders.
  2.       Envision Family Law: As a reputed family law firm in Spokane, it provides consultancy in divorce and a wide range of family disputes. Jason Benjamin and Timothy Healy are the founders of this law firm in 1998. One can choose the nearest location as this law firm has a presence in various locations. With a team of approximately 30 lawyers, the firm specializes in a contested divorce, complex property issues, and custody issues.
  3.       Feltman Ewing: This premier law firm has been helping individuals and companies in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho since 1958. It has a team of civil litigation and family lawyers, who solve both civil and family disputes. Complex divorce issues related to parenting time, alimony, and property distribution are the focus areas of this law firm. Apart from divorce law, the firm also represents clients with construction, real estate, and personal injury law.
  4.       Gina M. Costello & Associates: This law firm ensures compassionate divorce counsel and litigation to a huge number of clients in Spokane. Some of the practice areas of the attorneys from this firm are child custody and parenting plans, child support, modification of support or custody orders, and spousal maintenance. The attorneys also give consultation to domestic violence victims through restraining orders, orders of protection, and no-contact orders.
  5.       Glanzer Law PLLC: With a team of dedicated family lawyers in Spokane, this law firm focuses on all types of divorce cases including military divorce. Some of the practice areas of this firm include division of marital debts, marriage dissolution, spousal and temporary support, distribution of marital property, child custody and visitation, and child support.  Their team of divorce lawyer Spokane assists in English and Korean.
  6.       Hughes & Nelson: Founded in 2007, this law firm provides consultation with divorce matters and issues stemming from divorce. The practice areas include custody and parenting plans, child support, modification of child support, and other matters involving minor children. Attorney Hughes is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and also a winner of the AVVO Client’s Choice Award. Hughes & Nelson is also recognized as the Top Child Custody firm by law magazines.
  7.       Kapri Law Firm: Founded in 2013, this law firm provides assistance with the marriage dissolution process and issues related to divorce. Some of the practice areas of this law firm include marital asset division, distribution of debt, alimony, and spousal maintenance. Also, the lawyers here handle issues with child custody, visitation, child support, and parenting plans. In 2019, Shadan Kapri was recognized by a magazine as a Washington State Top 10 Attorney.
  •       Conclusion:

The initial steps of a divorce case are vital for everyone. Divorce can be a critical phase of life. However, with proper guidance and assistance, one can solve the most complex issues. To find a divorce lawyer in Spokane, one can either search online or ask friends for a recommendation. The above list can also help individuals to choose the best family and divorce lawyers in Spokane. Looking for an attorney who specializes in divorce is essential to get the best services.

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