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Personal Injury

All That You Must Know About Personal Injury Lawsuits

You may have heard of personal injury lawsuits in a motor accident or wrongful death cases. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed when you or your loved ones are injured by the wrongful deed or carelessness of another person. Though such cases arise very often, only a few people claim and get their compensation.

Leading reasons for this include the lack of legal awareness among people. Further, since the topic of personal injury is so broad, most people don’t even understand what situations fall under this case. To help you understand personal injury lawsuits better, the leading Seattle personal injury lawyer has gathered certain tips to consider:

Not Just Motor Accidents

Though you will hear about personal injury lawsuits, mostly in connection to motor accidents, there is more to it. From medical negligence to product liability and even dog bites, all fall under the purview of personal injury.

The basic purview of personal injury laws is that when an individual hurts damage owing to the negligence of another party. So wherever this clause is applicable, personal injury laws will come into force.

Know the Right Amount

In most of the personal injury cases, the claimants usually settle down for a much lower sum than what they deserve.  This is because the claimants are not even aware of the sum that they deserve. Further, if you have some insurance company paying the compensation, they will try to negotiate the sum to the least.

So it is important for you to know what you deserve and how much you deserve. Do not settle down for anything less than that.

Case Time

The time required for the case to reach its conclusion often depends upon its complexity and other such factors. If you are shying away from filing a case simply because you are afraid that it will drag on for years, then consider hiring a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers deal with hundreds of such cases. As such, they know what needs to be done for fast resolution.

Dragging the case is also a tactic adopted by the accused party to discourage you. So do not be afraid. With the right legal help, there is no way that your case will go on for years.

Compensation Factors

Compensation does not simply mean just paying for your current medical bill. Depending on the case, the accused will also have to pay for future medical costs, the compensation for loss of earnings, the amount that is required to repair or replace the damaged property, and so on. Sometimes the damage is not tangible.

 In such cases, the court may ask the accused party to pay for the mental pain and agony caused. Further, in cases of wrongful death, the cost of the funeral, compensation for any dependent member, and the like are also taken into account.

While every personal injury case is unique in terms of the situation and the compensation amount, the basic fundamentals remain the same. We hope with these facts before you; you have gained a better understanding of personal injury cases.

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