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Personal Injury


If you suffer an injury because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to full compensation. An injury resulting from a car crash, workplace accident, or violent assault can leave you in severe pain and, in worse cases, temporary or permanent disability. The sooner you seek a personal injury lawyer, the better chances you have in getting all the legal help and representation you need.

A personal injury law firm such as Shrum Law Office is only beneficial to you as they can help you gather all the evidence you need to build a solid groundwork for your compensation claim. Whether your accident results from a car accident, faulty construction, faulty electrical wiring, workplace accidents, etc., you need a professional with legal expertise to help you document complex evidence. Here are other reasons why you need a personal injury lawyer.

Maximize your compensation

Only you know the pain and suffering you have endured following the accident. No compensation can erase what you have gone through, but it helps you cope with the aftermath of the accident. When calculating your compensation, it is easy to overlook some things. A personal injury lawyer has worked with such cases before and will not overlook anything when calculating your compensation. A personal injury lawyer ensures you get fair compensation from the fault party.

Access to outside experts

When pursuing a personal injury claim, you have to gather concrete evidence to support your claim. A personal injury lawyer has been in practice for a long time; therefore, they have built a network of experts who help them gather evidence. From medical and safety professionals to private investigators, a personal injury lawyer has an extensive roster of experts to help you fight for your rights. That ensures that they build an irrefutable case based on the seriousness of your injuries that the insurance company or court cannot deny.

The expertise you need

Personal injury claims are not easy to navigate on your own, especially if you haven’t been in such a situation before. Hiring a personal injury lawyer helps you benefit from legal expertise on personal injury claims. You need an experienced lawyer who can professionally navigate the legal system to ensure you get full compensation.

Avoid problems with complicated paperwork.

When you visit an insurance company to seek your compensation, you may encounter complicated paperwork and forms that you need to fill in. Furthermore, insurance companies have problematic limitations, time-sensitive deadlines, exclusions, and other provisions that can affect the compensation you are entitled to. A personal injury lawyer helps you understand complex terms on insurance paperwork and fill the forms accurately to protect your claim as you pursue your case.

Understand the value of your claim

Many victims miss hundreds and thousands of dollars on compensation claims because they don’t know their claims’ value. If you don’t know how much to expect from a compensation case, it is best to hire a personal injury attorney. Only a professional personal injury lawyer understands the subtleties of your claim and the value of your pain and suffering. They can also handle issues that come up if compensation needs change while pursuing the case.

The bottom line

A personal injury attorney works in your best interests to help you get fair compensation.

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