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What Competent Workers Comp Attorneys Can Do for You

People who sustained injuries at work can hire a worker’s comp attorney to help them recover compensation. If you are one of these people, you need an attorney to help you navigate the workers’ comp process, so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Under the workers’ comp system, negligence is not the basis for the provision of benefits. But, you need to be prepared since the process can quickly turn into an ordeal, particularly when your claim is denied.

Although it is not mandatory to hire a Bedford workers comp attorneys, choosing an experienced one can streamline the process and reduce the stress you may have to carry when you do it all alone. The following are what your dedicated attorney will do for you:

Determine Your Eligibility for Benefits

Did you know that not all injuries are eligible for workers ’compensation? Injuries on the job cover a range of conditions and situations including sprains and diseases, and from on-the-job parties to working outside of your state. You don’t need to guess wrong and waste time or resources because a great lawyer can advise you immediately whether or not you have a good case.

File Your Workers’ Comp Claim on Time

Filing your claim involves filling out several forms. A skilled attorney is aware of the subtleties of workers’ comp law in Virginia, ensuring your claim is filed accurately and promptly.

File a Lawsuit

Should you receive benefits that are not enough to cover your losses, your workers’ comp attorney can advise you of your legal options. They may tell you to pursue the claim, a third-party civil lawsuit, or both.

Inform You of Other Benefits

Often, workers’ comp insurance is not just the only type of benefit you can get if you suffered an injury at work. Your attorney may tell you that you are also eligible for unemployment or disability benefits. Your knowledge of these benefits may impact how you will approach your claim and this is also a good reason to work with a good attorney.

Handle the Appeals Process

A denied workers’ comp claim is a nightmare; however, you can still appeal the decision. Working with an experienced lawyer can make it easier to appeal a denied claim than when you do it by yourself. The best attorney will collect other pieces of evidence to make your claim stronger than it originally was.

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