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What Should You Do if You are Mis-Sold Insurance?

If you are beginning to suspect that a company has misguided you in their efforts to sell you some insurance, then you would not be alone.

While you may have unfortunately found yourself a victim of a genuine error, there are malicious parties out there, and they should be avoided at all costs.

It can be difficult to detect whether or not you are the victim of mis-sold insurance (essentially a form of fraud), but there are some tips and tricks you can employ to fight it in the first place, and sometimes, taking legal action is a must. Here is some advice on how to deal with cases of mis-sold insurance.

Try and Change the Policy Immediately

As soon as you notice the error, try and contact your provider and make sure that they can clear up any confusion.

Insurance tariffs tend to be highly customizable and easy to change, and there is a good chance that the mis-selling was a complete accident, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

It is probably also worth moving on to a different provider after this, even if it was a genuine mistake, as trust and reliability are important in business partnerships of any kind.

If this fails, or you have already been paying too much for too long (without having ever been fully made aware of what you were paying for) then you may have to resort to legal action.

Claim as Quickly as Possible

You will not always need to make a complaint or a claim against your insurance provider, but should the situation arise, time is of the essence, particularly if you happen to be the victim of mis-selling.

An example of the need for this urgency lies within one of UK’s biggest banking scandals of all time, in which millions were mis-sold PPI (payment protection insurance) for around 20 years.

The deadline to claim back this insurance was in August 2019, after which many people missed out on their rightful compensation. Thankfully, Plevin claims were introduced to help people recoup at least some of their losses, which could still be worth thousands.

To ensure that you manage to mount the strongest case possible for your claim, moving quickly is imperative.

Collect All the Evidence that You Can

You will likely need a wealth of information at your fingertips should you wish to take an insurance company into the legal arena, so waste no time in gathering all of the evidence that you can.

A reliable solicitor can and should help you with this, as can a claims management company. When putting together your case you should include:

  1. Detailed and comprehensive reasons why you have been mis-sold the policy.
  2. Why you are unsuitable for the policy.
  3. How much you have paid, and for how long.
  4. What you thought you were paying for.
  5. Any concrete proof i.e. signed documents, policies, and terms and conditions that you might have from the insurers.

Even if you have not directly taken a financial hit from the being sold the wrong policy, you should still make a complaint, as you may be entitled to some compensation regardless.

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