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At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Won’t Pay? Here’s What To Do

Involvement in a car accident can prove frustrating. However, the pain, suffering, disability and financial struggles often associated with said events aftermath might pale in comparison to the aggravation of learning the insurance providers of the motorist deemed at fault refuses to compensate them. Fortunately, this occurrence is relatively common and there are steps accident victims can take to obtain the compensation they are entitled to receive. 

D.R. Patti & Associates, a Las Vegas-based firm of car accident attorneys, requests auto collision victims experiencing these unfortunate circumstances read on to learn the steps they can take that might offer resolution.

Reasons Insurance Companies Withhold Payments

It may sound harsh but insurance companies are not concerned with expediting an accident victims’ recovery. These entities are only concerned with their bottom line. Therefore, they will engage in whatever tactics are necessary to remit the victim as little compensation as possible. These establishments will often give a variety of excuses why the claim was denied or deliberately stall the claims process.

Actions Victim Can Take

Regardless of whatever final actions are employed, legal experts recommend acting fast. The slightest degree of hesitation could further limit the victim’s chances for a successful outcome. That said, experts tend to agree that the first step should be to:

Retain The Services Of An Auto Accident Attorney

While hiring a legal professional is an important initial measure, the victim must ensure said car accident lawyer possesses extensive experience handling insurance claim denials. Said subjects possess knowledge about how insurance companies work and often possess significant experience challenging such establishments.

Make A Formal Appeal

After consulting with your accident lawyer, said individual might suggest making a formal appeal. To accomplish this task, the applicant must script a demand letter to the insurance provider in question. Included in this correspondence should be the case’s facts, any pertinent evidence the victim is in possession of and an accounting of medical expenses. Should the claim still be denied, victim and lawyer can initiate a formal appeal.

File A Civil Suit

Should the appeal be denied, the victim is encouraged to have their lawyer file a civil suit against the denying company. Unfortunately, civil suits involving insurance companies are often arduous and time-consuming. Many such entities employ their own legal teams comprised of experienced and skilled legal professionals armed to do battle and defend the company, not the victim’s best interests.

That said, an experienced car accident attorney may be able to circumvent the company’s argument by executing tasks, such as, procuring and presenting credible evidence and interpreting medical records.

Why Work With Us

Our firm has served Las Vegas and surrounding communities for more than a quarter century and helped earn clients more than $25 million in car accident claims. Those who have been denied insurance company from the guilty party’s insurance company are urged to contact us. We may be able to help them earn the remittances that are rightfully theirs. Our website is

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