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We hear lawyers speak constantly, because everything in society is governed by laws and regulations. But when it comes down to it, when we need one, how do we choose it? No one better than themselves to explain it to us.

First step: your environment

Today you can find announcements of offices on the Internet, in the newspaper and even on the bus shelters (“before it was not done because he did not consider himself professionally deontologically”, the lawyers). However, hiring this service requires trust. The best method to find it is by word of mouth, asking around if someone has gone through the same process. “Not being a media person is better,” says the expert. Don’t get too carried away by low-cost ads either, “You have to be cautious with this type of advertising because it is not usually realistic.

Maximum specialization

“There is no lawyer who dominates all matters,” says the criminal record lawyer overland park. You must look for the specific field that your case works, although this can be complicated because not even academically the different branches are stipulated: “There is no tax attorney, for example.” They can generally be divided into rooms: civil, criminal, administrative, fiscal and family, but each one is vast. On the other hand, if yours is a lawsuit against a telephone, electricity, food company, etc., go first to the consumer associations because “in those cases, only the minimum cost of starting the case in a The firm may already be too expensive,” explains the lawyer.

Check your history

In the Bar Associations they do not keep private information of any lawyer, they are not even registered by specialization, only in alphabetical order. However, what you can, and should ask the College of your province, is if the lawyer you have chosen has any type of sanction. Furthermore, in the census From the website of the General Council of Lawyers you can check if that lawyer is active.

The ‘face to face’ is final

You can look for some credentials on the lawyer’s own website: make sure that his or her registration number or some information from his / her CV appears ; but the most important thing is the personal encounter. Almost always, the first visit is free. “The cases they have won are protected by professional secrecy, so they will never reveal them,” Bosch explains. What do you have left? The impression . That it transmits security to you, that it speaks in a language that you understand and, above all, that it is realistic.

And how much is it going to cost me?

 A law firm or attorney is completely free to set their fees and how to collect them (a total until the end of the case, by the hour or taking a percentage if you win). But you can request a commission sheet : a kind of quote in which all that information appears (does not include third parties, such as notaries or private detectives). And remember: at any time you can terminate the service. The percentages of what has been done so far are very well defined so that you can do it.

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