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What to Do If You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Las Vegas

20 to 50 million people get involved in road accidents that lead to non-fatal injuries every year.

Many of these people have no idea of how to react after the unfortunate events, especially if they’re visiting an unfamiliar area.

Did your Vegas vacation just take an unexpected turn? Here is a simple guide on what to do after a car accident in Las Vegas.

Move to Safety

After an accident, the first thing to do is to ensure you move to a safe place to avoid blocking traffic. The law allows you to move your car off the road unless someone was seriously injured.

If someone is injured, seek medical help immediately.

Call the Police to Document a Car Accident in Las Vegas

You need to call the police after a car accident to record the events of the accident. You’ll need a police report when filing your insurance claim.

Also, if you get a car accident attorney to work on your case after a car accident, they’ll need to check the police report before they begin working.

Record the Events of the Accident

Don’t forget to take pictures and note down all the necessary information after the accident.

If someone is injured following the accident, make sure you take pictures of their injuries. Take pictures of your wrecked vehicles and that of the other party.

Exchange Information

Record the vehicle plate number, the scene of the accident, and the interception. You can also note down the driver’s name and contact information.

Take the car insurance and the other vehicle’s policy number so you can use them later in case there’s no police report.

Don’t Admit to Fault

After the accident, it’s natural that you’ll speak to the other driver.

When doing so, be very careful not to apologize or say anything that may insinuate that you’re at fault. Not apologizing doesn’t mean that you’re rude, but it’s protecting yourself from blame.

Contact an Attorney After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

If you suspect foul play or the case appears complicated, contact a lawyer.

The insurance company might want you to give them a recorded statement, which may end up implicating you for the accident. They might also try to convince you to take a certain settlement amount soon after the accident.

To avoid getting confused or accepting a payment that isn’t worth it, get a local Las Vegas car accident lawyer. The lawyers will explain your rights after a car accident and fight for your best interest. They have the expertise to negotiate with the insurance companies and will ensure you get the best settlement.

Never Take Anything for Granted After a Car Accident

It’s normal to get confused and not know what to do after a car accident in Las Vegas.

Don’t be in a hurry to act as you may end up complicating things. Amidst all the confusion, try your best to take control of the situation and use this guide to direct you on what to do next.

If you found this guide helpful, we have more like this for you. Browse this guide for more legal help, an insurance guide, and other essential tips and tricks.

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