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5 Compelling Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

The percentage of disabled workers has tripled since 1970. These are people who cannot work due to a physical disability that limits their ability to work. Each one went through a claim process to gain approval for social security disability payments.

If you have a physical disability and cannot work, you may find yourself ready to make a claim. However, the process is more complicated than simply filling out a request and submitting it.

Consider these five reasons for hiring a social security disability attorney to represent you when filing your claim.

  1. Preparing and Filing Your Claim

Your social security disability lawyer understands how crucial it is to get your initial claim correct. They’ll include all of the necessary information to maximize your benefits and minimize your wait time.

The attorney will also word claims and documentation correctly to minimize communication breakdowns that could delay your claim or cause it to get denied completely.

  1. Appealing a Denial

The majority of people filing on their own find that their initial claim gets denied. You have a much better chance of approval when filing with an attorney. If you wish to appeal your denial, you can do so on your own, but it’s much smarter to hire an attorney.

Whether you’re just hiring an attorney or used one to file your initial claim, a lawyer can assist. Your attorney understands the multiple appeals process and the strict deadlines associated with each phase.

  1. Representation at Hearings

Anytime you have a hearing that requires you to be present, your attorney will be there by your side. They’ll prepare you with practice questions and ensure you get the right information communicated during the meeting.

The majority of hearings also involve experts. Your attorney will have the skills necessary to ask the right questions to bring out the information that supports your claim.

  1. Legal Analysis and Document Preparation

The further along in the claims and appeals process you get, the more complicated it becomes. For an idea, this article from Heard and Smith can help you understand the many phases.

Your attorney will draft complicated legal briefs on your behalf. These will argue in support of your claim by using application laws and case law. This requires extensive research in databases that the average person doesn’t have access to.

  1. Financial Benefits

Many social security disability attorneys offer free consultations. This is helpful to understand the viability of your claim. They can also explain the potential process ahead of you.

Additionally, many attorneys don’t charge any upfront fees. They will only receive payment when you get awarded. This can be helpful when your finances are already strained.

Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

As you can see, having a social security disability attorney advocate for your rights is extremely beneficial. Their experience and understanding of the process and system will aid in making it more likely your claim gets approved.

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